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Dr. Tyrone C. Howard, PH.D

Professor, Professional Speaker, Author, and Diversity & Equity Consultant

Tyrone C. Howard, PhD holds the Pritzker Family Endowed Chair, and is professor in the School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA. A member of the prestigious National Academy of Education, he is the founding director of the UCLA Pritzker Center for Strengthening Families, and the UCLA Black Male Institute. Dr. Howard has published 7 books and is the author of more than 100 peer reviewed articles, book chapters, policy briefs, reports, and other academic publications. He is the recipient of numerous honors in his field. Dr. Howard’s research and advocacy on inclusive learning and work spaces has earned him national acclaim and recognition, where he has been recognized by numerous organizations for his work.


A dynamic and engaging speaker, Dr. Howard speaks on a range of topics tied to diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion. He has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses and provided consultation services domestically and internationally to schools, districts, universities, state and county agencies, law firms, and corporations. Dr. Howard addresses the ways that systems, structures, policies and practices impact people in various ways in their quest to be self-actualized. A staunch advocate of creating more just and affirming work, teaching, and learning environments, Dr. Howard has been featured on a number media outlets such as ABC, CBS, The The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and CNN for his expertise on matters tied to race, gender, education, and equity.

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